Carry On Tuesday-“As I Was Lying In My Bed…”

Image by ChuckHolton via Flickr

“As I Was Lying In My Bed…”

As I was lying in my bed, alone, I heard the wind howl through the windows, I felt the drafts, like snow drifts on my entire body. I couldn’t get warm, no matter how many blankets I piled on top of me. My dog was lying at the foot of the bed, off to the side, not even she would come warm me. I missed my husband lying next to me; every few hours I would unconsciously reach my arm across his side and try to feel him there; all I felt was his absence. In my sleep I sometimes forgot that he was back in the military again and when I became conscious I was heartsick from loneliness and despair. Of course I was wildly proud of him, my sweetheart, but I was counting the days until he was coming home for a five-day visit, fifty-seven more days to go.