I Love You Adele ( No Matter What Karl Lagerfeld Said) Pop Cop

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I think Karl Lagerfeld is an ill-mannered ass and yes, I am only one person but I don’t care, I believe it’s true. How dare Karl Lagerfeld call the amazingly talented and beautiful Adele “too fat?” That is downright  insulting and to me, not true at all. Yo, Karl, people come in different sizes, not just the model size 0 that you probably find downright fashionable. Not me. I think women should have curves and not look like anorexic, emaciated scarecrows.

Think what you want but saying it out loud, to others, that’s plain rude. You have NO manners. Perhaps you should offer a public and private apology to her and to her fans. Who are you to make that judgment? Have YOU looked in the mirror lately?

Since it’s been published, I don’t care that you once lost weight. Nobody cares. LISTEN to Adele, she has the most amazing voices of all time. Oh, I’m sorry, maybe the older generation doesn’t listen to popular music. All the more reason to keep your big mouth shut tightly and say you are sorry. Adele does not only look beautiful, she sings like an angel. What do you have to say for yourself?

I say boycott. You.

In My Opinion…The GAP

I am a normal, average size woman. Not the normal, average size woman of the size 0 model claim to fame but the universal, real, curvy women of the world. I walked into the GAP this morning looking for a couple of shirts for the fall. The Gap used to be my one stop shopping place to go. Long-sleeved Tee shirts in all colors, I remember looking at the pretty hues, pink, red, blue, light blue, green used to make me happy.  Apparently, I have not been to The Gap in a really long time.

When I walked in I was greeted by racks of  Skinny Jeans and Skinnier jeans. My arm couldn’t fit in those pant legs, I’m quite  sure. What size were they? Oh, two. Two? What REAL woman wears a two? Not those of us who live in the world that I live in. I’m quite sure the universal average size is a fourteen not a two.  I asked the salesman who worked there where the long tee shirts were and he showed me. Here is the color selection he pointed to: black, white, gray.  “What happened to all the beautiful colors you used to have?” I asked sweetly. “We don’t do that anymore, we just have the basics.” You know what? Even the basics were so thin I wouldn’t wear them in the fall, much less the winter.  The Gap, as I knew it, was gone. No long- sleeved shirts other than the “basics?”  “Look on-line” he droned and left.

Now the jeans have become leggings or jeggings or deggings, not sure what they are truly called but they are a combination of leggings and denim. That’s certainly an appropriate look for those of us who are older in age, seasoned, experienced; lovely, mature, beautiful women of the world.

The shoes they sold were all tiny and scrunchy and looked like they couldn’t take a hard pounding on the pavement. The handbags were massive, with a button close, not good for those of us who are neurotic about having  handbag zipper protection. No different styles, just a few, dull, different colors.

I ‘ll say “Good-bye” to The Gap and search elsewhere. I know they are all under an umbrella company with sister, The Banana Republic but that’s too preppy for me. I am leaving The Gap family, and on my search for comfortable, bright grown-up clothes. So much for THAT shopping expedition. May all the size two’s make them rich, I wish them well.

The GAP is a registered trademark of The Gap, don’t sue me, it’s just my opinion.