Paper or Digital?

Thank You, Steve Jobs

steve jobs co founder of apple computer

My old, preferred way of leaving notes to myself and others were always on paper napkins. I kid you not. It used to drive my husband crazy (and further my childish delight.) Plain, white, store brand napkins were my source of note-taking. Now that I have an electronic device that has a computerized “notes” section I use that much more often.
I had to teach myself to blog and write essays on the computer because I was so used to writing things out long-hand on yellow legal sized composition paper.It took me a long time to get used to doing things electronically and at best, I am still a beginner. Now, I automatically write on my old computer. I’ve given in to technology and even though I resisted it for years, it has become second nature. Thank you Apple computers and Steve Jobs. You were a genius and we will miss you.

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