Plinky Prompt: You Get Fantastic News, What’s The First Thing You Do?

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English: Two women text messaging on their cell phones in a coffee shop on the campus of California State University, Fullerton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • You get some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do? See all answers
  • Hello Mom? Hubby?
  • I race to the phone and call my husband and my mother. It is absolute instinct to call my mom first, I think, my fingers are flying over the telephone buttons in my excitement. How many more years will she be in my life? I want to cherish every second. If I’m happy, she’s happy, that’s how she operates. Me being happy would make HER happy. It’s a gift for both of us. I have two adult children, I totally understand.

    At the same time, on another line, I call my husband who is my best friend and life-long partner. He is the person who knows me best and loves me the most and puts up with my crap. He sticks with me, we go through everything together. We have two adult children and a dog. We think alike when it comes to big issues, family first. We’ve been doing that for over 25 years of marriage, I adore him and we still have a lot of fun. He ties for first place, he would genuinely be happy for me, for us.

    There is no joy in having amazingly good, fantastic news if you can’t share it with the ones you love.

Call Me One More Time, If You Dare

Voters Entering Election Booth

Image by Ikhlasul Amal via Flickr

Dear Pollsters,

I have had it with all your automatic, robotic political phone calls that I’ve been getting 4 or 5  times a day, if not more. Call me one more time and I will NOT vote. I know this isn’t a rational thought process but you should know these incessant phone calls are not only grating but disruptive.  I plan on voting so STOP calling me.  Can’t I just have a normal family dinner without my phone ringing again and again?

Isn’t there a point when even you think these phone calls are EXCESSIVE.  Do you want your family dinners interrupted by phone calls or the door bell ringing every five minutes? What if there were pollsters asking you about your favorite brand of diapers or the quality of your toilet paper?  Enough is enough. Don’t call me, don’t ring my bell. Leave me alone and let me have some peace and quiet, before I vote, and after.