The Flying Pig Restaurant, Mount Kisco, NY

I’m sad tonight. The realization that my most favorite restaurant is probably closing at the end of the month is becoming a reality. Always a dreamer, I wouldn’t let myself feel that the one place that I have NEVER been served a bad meal was going out of business. This can’t be happening, this just wasn’t any old restaurant, it was “The Pig” as we affectionately called it, where we had family dinners; it was like home only it tasted so much better.

For the many hundreds of you who have read and enjoyed my previous article“The Best Thing I Ever Ate” (Food Network-Holiday Edition please read this. As you know, I love me some GOOD FOOD and yes, we all know I have a soft spot for the sweet stuff. Believe me, I won’t disappoint you here. I promise.

I don’t think Chef Lesley Sutter likes the thought of saying good-bye any more than I do so our great hope is that she will open another restaurant in the near future in the same area soon. I will let you know as soon as I know or check out The Flying Pig’s Facebook Page.

I have never been to a restaurant like this one before, one where no matter what I ordered “I never had a bad meal.” I’ve been talking to other customers lately, sharing our grief and a woman I sat next to said the same exact thing to me. That “it was a restaurant you could count on for having a great meal every time you came.” The salads and sandwiches for lunch are sublime, in particular I loved the Mediterranean Flatbread Sandwich (minus the olives but that’s just me) an incredible blend of hummus, lemon, feta cheese, cucumbers and arugula layered on soft flatbread. The portions were enormous; I always had a big piece left to take home for my daughter. It was a tough choice to choose between that and the local goat cheese sandwich with avocado, celery, walnut pesto, on home-made bread, or a pulled pork sandwich or a veggie burger. You want variety?  There’s ALWAYS variety here! Sometimes I was in a salad mood and would pick from one of their many specialty salads, (chopped salad which included lentils (yum) and blue cheese-if you wanted it, caesar, cobb, salmon etc. always non-fussy but perfectly put together and if you don’t like a certain ingredient, you can ask them to hold it, no one will hate you for it, they are more than willing to oblige. I LIKE that.

Dinner, oh dinner. Once a week like religion, our eyes were trained to read the list of specials they had on the menu every night. Look no further, you couldn’t go wrong if you tried. Some specials included: fish and chips ( I don’t eat fish anywhere but here, it’s light, delicate and served with a wonderful remoulade/tartar sauce),  a vegetarian pasta dish with cauliflower and capers, and other veggies, fresh from the farm, crunchy and not overcooked. There’s a fabulous steak dish, a chicken dish, fish (all types) and heaven help us, sometimes there are braised short ribs. Individual pizzas are also on the menu for lunch and dinner. Say no more, they melt in your mouth. One suggestion: leave room for dessert.

The pastry chef, Shelly Smedberg  first delighted my family with her home-made pop tarts which endeared me to the restaurant forever. I’m not talking your junky variety out of the box pop-tarts, ladies and gentlemen, but home-made equivalents made with fresh fruit and delectable icing on top. I hope to see these babies somewhere, sometime soon because I already miss them. Her home-made pop-tarts are to die for, they are as good as it gets; I ALWAYS want them. Since they are not on the menu all the time (and I don’t know why they aren’t) you can satisfy your sweet tooth with all the varieties of sweet, (love the texture) bread puddings or Classic English sticky toffee pudding, or S’mores to name a few. All, like heaven in a frothy cloud of sweetness.

There is a quality about The Flying Pig I can’t quite describe, it’s the sense of community, the friendliness of the people that go there, the kindness of the people who work there. This restaurant is a group effort, not to mention, it’s  farm-to- table organic, sustainable food restaurant. I have eaten at many high-end, good quality restaurants and I have enjoyed them; they all seem to be missing one simple ingredient that The Flying Pig on Lexington has; I thing that ingredient must be a hefty heaping of pure love.