Plinky Prompt: Skydiving: Would you do it?

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    Skydive Skåne I am a 55 (soon to be 56) year old woman with Fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder, I have an Auto-Immune disease and if I even look at my wrist or ankle the wrong way, it breaks. The answer is LOL, no I would not do it. I have a hard enough time making it through the day as it is. But, I admit it is a funny thought to imagine.
    When I was young I considered doing it but I never followed through. It wasn’t a very serious thought. I regret many things but this is not one of them. My son went skydiving when he was 18, I just about had a heart attack until he was safe on the ground. I hope my daughter doesn’t copy him but I am afraid she will….maybe she will have more sense?

Bungee Jumping Versus Skydiving

Banded Water Snake --- SE Georgia, USA

Image by TomSpinker via Flickr

Be Serious

I would rather stay on the ground, eat a picnic lunch and watch the fall leaves turn colors. I’m not a risk taker (though both my children are.) If I had to pick one I would go skydiving because there is another person that is strapped on to you for your first lesson. I watched my son’s tape when he went skydiving and it was horrifying albeit exhilarating. You couldn’t pay me to go bungee jumping, wouldn’t do it for ten thousand dollars.  If your next prompt is “Would you rather swim in shark infested waters or sleep alone in a snake pit?” Count me out!!!

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