Haiku Heights: Stone

274/365 - 06/29/10 [365 Days @ 50mm] - Withere...

274/365 – 06/29/10 [365 Days @ 50mm] – Withered Rose (Photo credit: Shardayyy)

Her heart had curdled

once innocent, now stone cold

frozen blood, heartbreak.


Silky, wet smooth stones

orange and blue, organic.

Stroke, let your mind go.


Stones (Photo credit: rkramer62)

Haiku Heights – First

Cherish the pink sky

Cherish the pink sky (Photo credit: Darwin Bell)

The undying rain

Torrents of gray-black madness

First crack of dawn’s light.


Hear the sound of the falling rain...

Hear the sound of the falling rain… (Photo credit: Sven Festersen)

Love, like shiny rocks

glistening in the new sun

drops of water, grin.


Pink sky, love abounds

nature is holy, trees

Beauty is the Spring.