Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

I’m being serious now….i know hard to believe but I want to get this information across to all my fellow fibro sufferers. IF you have A THYROID CONDITION…..HASHIMOTO’S THYROITIS an auto immune disease there is hope. I mean it. I’ve been through it. again and again. Here’s the deal: this from Dr. Guru……fibromyalgia, in conjuntion with the diagnosis of Hashimotos Thyroititis can be “a lazy diagnosis.” He is not saying you don’t feel the pain BUT, IN MY CASE, he is treating the underlying cause which is the thyroid autoimmune disease. Therefore, I am on different meds to help my immune system i.e. plaquannel, methotrexate, etc in addition to Cymbalta.   This is important for those of us who have the thyroid illness….and mine got started when menopause kicked in (kicked in? rolled me over and punched me down). Hope it helps.