I Love You Adele ( No Matter What Karl Lagerfeld Said) Pop Cop

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I think Karl Lagerfeld is an ill-mannered ass and yes, I am only one person but I don’t care, I believe it’s true. How dare Karl Lagerfeld call the amazingly talented and beautiful Adele “too fat?” That is downright  insulting and to me, not true at all. Yo, Karl, people come in different sizes, not just the model size 0 that you probably find downright fashionable. Not me. I think women should have curves and not look like anorexic, emaciated scarecrows.

Think what you want but saying it out loud, to others, that’s plain rude. You have NO manners. Perhaps you should offer a public and private apology to her and to her fans. Who are you to make that judgment? Have YOU looked in the mirror lately?

Since it’s been published, I don’t care that you once lost weight. Nobody cares. LISTEN to Adele, she has the most amazing voices of all time. Oh, I’m sorry, maybe the older generation doesn’t listen to popular music. All the more reason to keep your big mouth shut tightly and say you are sorry. Adele does not only look beautiful, she sings like an angel. What do you have to say for yourself?

I say boycott. You.