Paula Deen, My Oh My !

paula deen cake

paula deen cake (Photo credit: bunchofpants)

I surprise myself sometimes. Or maybe I just confuse myself. WHY have I not written about Mrs. Deen yet? Did I forget about her?  Or have I just been consumed reading and watching all the media about her that I forgot to write my own article?. Forgive me. That seems to be the only reason that could explain my lack of posting about dear Paula.  Well, that is over so here we are with Mrs. Deen, I get the impression she would not love being called Ms. Deen. Right, y’all?

I have to admit I’ve had my eye on Paula Deen ever since we found out that she had Diabetes (I call it the Diabetes Deception) and was still serving up her fat ridden, butter ladled, sugar filled, cream covered, artery blocking meals. Oh wait, did I forget to mention that once she had been found out she just happened to become a spokesperson for a drug company associated with a Diabetes drug? Not gonna lie, I thought it was, excuse the pun, cheesy. I didn’t like it then and I still don’t like it now but who knew that was just the tip of the little ol iceberg, right Paula honey?

Now, I’m not saying you are guilty of allegedly saying incredibly racist/ homophobic (or was that your brother?) language , oh wait, YOU ARE GUILTY you admitted this on tape, under oath, I’m sorry. (I’m just waiting for anti-semitic comments to come in any moment) Should I alert the United Jewish Agency? I’m keeping my opinion out of this because, that’s what I think I should do. Oh hell, when have I ever done that before? I’m not Barbara Walters here, there’s journalism and then there’s me, Pop Cop. I dish. (pun intended.)

A lot has happened in less than a week, hasn’t it? Paula’s empire has gone down, way down. She apparently, allegedly, used despicable words and admitted to them, ON TAPE. What was she thinking, not about admitting to them but about using those words and don’t give me this crap about you being Southern and old-fashioned. Please. Nothing gives you the right to degrade anyone.. Really, Paula get a grip. Oh, wait, too late.

So, a bunch of your sponsors have dropped you. Food Network, Target, Home Depot, your new book deal and your pharmaceutical firm, and plenty more. Last I heard there were 12 sponsors all together who dropped you like a double butter and sour cream hot potato. All I have to say is: Good. And yes, a bunch of your fans have supported you and that’s good for you because what else do you have? Now, I heard that the diabetes company has thrown you out on your bottom and does not want you to be their spokesperson anymore. Ouch. Even I feel bad for you and that does say something.

Paula, I watched your show a few times, just watching your show I felt the pounds adhering to my thighs and butt. Sure, fried anything is great for a treat once a year, and I love cake but other than my birthday I don’t go around making cream filled, butter based, artery clogging delicacies all the time and I am known for my sweet tooth. Sure, a little here and there is fine, everyone knows about moderation.Well, most of us do. But, if I was diagnosed with Diabetes, would I still flaunt these high fat, high sugary, high cholesterol foods? Of course not, that’s not only lying it’s deception.

Take a break, Paula. A long one. You better decide it is what you want because at this point people have already decided for you. Think about your ways, Paula Deen and how you treat people. Treat ALL people with respect, maybe then you will have a fighting chance. But, for now, I doubt it.

“North West?” Just Hear Me Groan… (Pop Cop)

Well, now I’ve heard it all, yup, that’s right. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their brand new baby girl: wait for it: NORTH. Her name is


144264091 (Photo credit: accidentalpaparazzi)

NORTH WEST. Let me guess, if little North West gets married she can only get married to a guy or a gal  (Yay) whose last name is AIRLINES, ba da ding!  Out of all names possible this is the one that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West came up with. Seriously?  I think the nickname that they picked “Nori” is adorable. Why not just NAME the kid “Nori” and make life simpler for everyone, including your daughter. You know, of course, that North is going to change her name, for sure, once she is of legal age and who can blame her? I swear, I hope she picks something old-fashioned just to annoy her parents, how about Ruth or Elizabeth, Bertha or Helen.

Is anyone else getting sick of these so-called “sell-ebreties” naming their kids all these weird ass kinds of names for attention to be “unique aka weird.”I think Apple was the first piece of fruit to be named and we thought that was outrageous back then. Oh Gwynnie, you old trend setter, you.

Besides, maybe it’s just me but I don’t consider Kim Kardashian a celebrity. Meryl Streep, yes, Kim Kardashian, so not.That’s like comparing Honey BooBoo to Shirley Temple, the child star of my youth. The whole family should leave television and work for a box chain store, maybe Wal-Mart or K-mart without the benefit of hair and make-up, wearing sneakers, not stilettos and roomy uniforms not dresses that are 6 sizes too small for them.

My goodness, Mom Kardashian,I mean Jenner, whatever, go home and start counting your face/body lifts or work for the poor, do something good for the world, hide and do volunteer work. Now you are going to have your own television show? Gosh I am so shocked! (Not) Here’s one viewer that will not tune in. But, then again, I’ve never watched one episode of any Kardashian show. It makes me want to gag. Rumor has it that North West will make an appearance on your show, WOW, what a ratings booster. Want to make a bet it’s going to be on Day One?!

The only Kardashian I think I like is the married Kardashian (I googled-her name, Khloe) who is trying to have a baby (allegedly) and I feel bad for her if it is true. I too, went through infertility for two and a half years and it’s excruciatingly painful both physically and emotionally. Especially when you have two sisters who have children already. Trust me, I know. In the middle of my infertility struggles, my sister had me lie down next to her and go over names she liked for her second child. It was so NOT cool. I just remember trying to keep my act together until we left and then bursting into tears when I saw my mom. She understood.

Well, Nori, you have a cute little nickname, please use it as often as possible. When you start school, nursery school, pre-school make sure they call you Nori. I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but all those SAT forms, driver’s ed forms, etc. when they want the LAST NAME FIRST: West, FIRST NAME: NORTH. Wow, just wow. Good luck, sweetheart.

p.s. if you happen to have a sibling…will it be South or East? We’re taking bets already. but, we may not have to worry about that quite yet. It’s Hollywood. Things change…rapidly.


Compass (Photo credit: Shevralay)

Carry on Tuesday: Life is a flower of which love is the honey

Indiana Farm

Indiana Farm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most mothers will straight out lie to you. Or just won’t talk. Fathers pretty much just stay out of these things, at least here they do.We’re just folks living a simple life. I tend to the house while my husband tends to the farm.

I’m going to talk to you straight about my daughter, Kylie. She’s 18 and for the life of me I don’t know where she comes from. I don’t get the child. We love her the same as her brother but we don’t get her, never did. She’s been different since she was born, whopping and hollering  just as soon as she came out. She looked angry at the world. Her brother, born in silence, I was scared he wasn’t breathing, but he was, just smiling. Our girl, screamed every darn day for a couple of years. She wouldn’t take naps any more, and by the afternoon she was cranky as all heck and nothing would calm that child. I tried it all. When her daddy came home I would stand at the door with my arms outstretched and her in them and I would hand her over and I would leave to go to Walmart to clear my head and get the groceries done, alone.

When she was older, she was real shy and I was her everything. It was a miracle. She would hide behind my legs and cling to me. If there was someone she didn’t like she would lift her arms up and whisper into my neck, soft like a kitten, “up, up.” I was her world, she only wanted me. Nobody else.  She had those big blue eyes and hair the color of love, sunshine and honey, long and straight, she looked like a  princess. I was the love of her life, like bees to flowers, that’s how much she loved me. Never been happier in my whole life.

Now she’s 18 and he is 20 and this is what no one tells you. “Motherhood now, is a thankless job.” Plenty of people will disagree and say “no, it isn’t” but for us, these teenage years are hell. I know it’s kind of boring here on the farm but that’s not our fault. We’ve all grown up in Indiana. That’s not a reason to disrespect us. They think they know everything better because they are going to  college but they have fresh mouths. It’s no fun being a parent any longer. But did anyone ever tell you that? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Nobody ever told me, that’s for sure. It would have been nice to know. Maybe I could have prepared myself.

My daughter treats me like the dirt that’s in our backyard. She steps on me and only is happy when I do something for her. That’s just not right. When she is in a bad mood her blue eyes get cold and icy and they stare through me like I was a ghost. She has attitude too and a fresh mouth. Oh, we’ve talked to her about it plenty of times, but she just can’t look inside herself. I swear, her feelings are so deep down it would take one of those big trucks to dig through her or maybe one of them rich, fancy doctors in the big city.  I’m the opposite. I cry like a baby, I can’t keep stuff inside me. My daughter can make me cry something fierce with her coldness and her being so mean, she doesn’t even seem to care. If I had acted that way with Mawmaw, she would have slapped me across my cheek until I learned better and I would have learned.

I’m telling you the truth here. They may love and adore you when they are little but that’s not a guarantee for the future. Not even close. Love them while you can. Cause you are not gonna have them forever. And the love you held so precious in your arms will be just, a memory, one that fades fast with time. Some people say “maybe she’ll come back to you when she’s older.” “Well”, I say, “Maybe but we’ll see, I’m not counting on it, that hurts too much”. But, I’ll be here, anyway, she’ll know how to find me.