Plinky: What are your obsessions and why?

  • Hurricane Sandy 2012

    Hurricane Sandy 2012 (Photo credit: charliekwalker)

    We all have obsessions. What do you obsess about? Why? See all answers

  • My obsessions
  • Accidents. Terminal Illness. Plane Crashes. School shootings. Any type of shootings, 9/11 Again. Health and Safety Issues. Sickness. Explosions, Fires, Bombs. Natural Disasters, Nuclear Weapons…do you get the picture?Horrible things have happened before and seem to be happening at a rapid pace. I feel scared; I don’t let it stop me from doing things but sometimes inside me, I am a crouched, quivering child.Why?
    Because these are all random things; they are out of my control and most importantly, no one can tell me they are never going to happen again.If only…..The world has become a very, scary place.

If I Had the World's Attention for Two Minutes

“All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace A Chance”

“There is no need for bloodshed, in any country, at any time or place. There is a better way, fighting of ANY KIND will not be tolerated. Put down your guns and weapons, your scientific secrets for nuclear bombs and ambush, lay it down before you. We are all in this world for a short time and we should use that time to TRY to make friends with each other and not make enemies.” As a wonderful person once wrote, “Give Peace A Chance.” Then I would play the Beatles’ song:

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