Plinky Prompt: Do You Eavesdrop On People In Public Places?

  • Do you eavesdrop on people in public places?
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  • October 20, 2012 by hibernationnow
  • Shh, I’m trying to hear!
  • Eavesdropping ABSOLUTELY.It’s one of my favorite habits. I don’t listen to cell-phone conversations, in fact I glare at those rude enough to be talking so loudly inside a store or a restaurant. However, if I am seated next to a couple, my husband and I will naturally cock our ears it we pick up an interesting word or two, then we discuss it afterwards. My point: if you are talking so loudly that everyone around you can easily HEAR YOU, you shouldn’t really consider it private. You want privacy? Talk about it at home or whisper….

Haiku Heights – Whisper

Red and Blue Flowers

Image by f towery via Flickr

Mouth close to my ear

Seduction of a secret

It starts with a spark


Under the blankets

The children giggle and hush

Talking in the night


I cradle my dog

She is my secret keeper

Arms blend with soft fur


Red and blue flowers

Barely move with the soft wind

A whisper, a touch