Haiku Horizons, Show


Scared, fetal show, curl

no support, worried, nerve wounds

The blame is off me.


(How could I learn to jump if everyone told me I could not fly?)


Show-off, smirk, liar

evil, petty, star, money

No heart, cold as ice.


(What is the meaning of success to you?)


Trying to leave you

Show me how, pink butterfly

So weak from drama.


Life is not easy, both parties need to try, weakened by drama. Help each other out.


* Zemanta photos are not in use this week


Zemanta, Images And Ghetty Ghosts

Dear CEO of Zemanta Support,

(oh sure it works now)    HA HA HA IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!

I am one second away from having a serious nervous breakdown. I mean it. Feel free to call my psychiatrist, she’s wonderful. It has been at least two, if not three, weeks that I have contacted support@zemanta to help me find my missing images that I try to post on my blog hibernationnow.wordpress.com to accompany my blog.

Do you know how many emails and request for help I have sent? Exactly. Too many times to count. Yes, one person made an effort and I’m sure he did it with his heart in the right place but then he disappeared for quite a while. Days after, I wrote again and another woman tried to help. That was it.

I’m done. Maybe by writing this they will pay attention? I know, not likely. Is it time to move my blog to another address where they use another system because right now I am very flexible.

Does anyone know if other blog sites come with a BETTER or working program of images than the one that wordpress has now. They changed from Zemanta which was working fine without ANY notice to something called Getty images. I have nothing against Getty images, they seem delightful. I’m just wondering what I need to do to make them APPEAR ON MY BLOG?

Anyone else have this problem? Can someone help me? I would really appreciate it. It would bring me blood pressure down, I’m sure.  The only tag words I need are Zemanta Support.

What else can I do before the inevitable breakdown. Help me please.

I’m begging.

So, Mr. or Ms. CEO of Zemanta Support, can you please get in touch with me NOW?