Haiku Heights – Witch

witch hat

witch hat (Photo credit: snarledskein)

Pickled chin, red wart

Sparks from eye balls attacking

Happy Halloween!


Which witch is that witch?

A good witch or a bad witch?

Can we ever know?


Which witch are you, dear?

“I won’t tell anybody

Find me with your heart.”

4 thoughts on “Haiku Heights – Witch

  1. There are no bad witches, only bad people who make use of magick they shouldn’t meddle in… as they will find, as everything returns to sender, good or bad, much increased… so do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy & good with ketchup, as they say…
    …or as a certain hedgewytch says.
    Samhain (Halloween) blessings, my friend. We survived the superstorm unscathed, and that is a great blessing, indeed!


    • it’s very creepy here. the calm before the storm is exactly how it sounds, frighteningly so. like there’s no more air, as if time stood still. worse, dan and lexi are gone. probably just for a walk but today, right now, I imagine them in the deep abyss, I’m alone. in the world. there is nothing else, just me.


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