First Impressions

My eye

First, their eyes, eyes can tell a lot about a person. After that, their whole expression/way of acting. Is she just pretending to be nice? I think he’s arrogant, is he? I adore her; I hate him. Sometimes you just get a gut reaction and I have learned to pay close attention to them and follow my gut. The times when I thought I owed the person another chance, I have paid for it. My first impression always seems to be right. Not following my gut? That’s 100 percent my fault.

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4 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. Yep, like Phy says, ALWAYS trust your gut. I think especially as women we have this intuitive sense that tells us about people. Whether in person or online…of course not ALL women are as tuned into it, then they get themselves into trouble. I can usually pick up really fast who I like and who I don’t, or who to trust and who not.

    There are alot of bad people in this world, but also alot of good….thankfully I have found quite a few of the “good ones” online and a few in real life as well. Anyway, I wanted you to know I do read everyone of your amazing blog entries…I just don’t always comment, either cuz I’m hurting too much to type properly or am just busy.’

    I’m kinda gettin to that point wheere I have mostly grown kids, yet they need me…and now having to start caring for parents and grandparents…not to mention my 3 dogs and husband…and this moneypit of a house! So add to that my plethora of illnesses and it leaves me with no time and a very short fuse…lol.

    I cried while reading your blog about your son leaving for college…but I’ll pop over there and leave a comment! Luv ya Big Sis! Keep goin with your gut and you will avoid a whole lotta bad people!


  2. I agree: go with your gut. Folks send out vibes that you can pick up on. In the cyberverse, it’s words, comments, chats, blogs. Sometimes things are revealed and are as them seen; others, that’s not the case.I
    I never believed in love at first sight. But, when my now hubby was introduced the moment his face and eyes smiled, I feel deeply in love. Took a while to figure out that’s what I was feeling.


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