If I Could Take Any Class for Free

Not Even A Circle

Self sketch

Drawing For REAL Dummies

I have also wanted to try an art class for drawing and sketching. Most of the time the introduction courses have advanced students in them and that is truly frustrating. I want a no-nonsense, can’t draw a stick figure for the non-gifted class. I want a class with people like ME, not those who sit in the class and deftly sketch a rendition of Monet. I have always admired artists that have had no formal training but I am not one of them. To sketch, therefore, to live.

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6 thoughts on “If I Could Take Any Class for Free

  1. Take a look at the site that I’m using. It’s called Drawspace (http://www.drawspace.com/) and there are over 200 free lessons that start from beginner (like you and me) to advanced. I’ve been doing it off and on lately. You don’t have to join as the free lessons are available to view online or you could download each lesson if you want. I’ve been spending more time reading lately and am finding It’s really easy to pick up where I left off. And, the lessons are short so you can do one or do a bunch, depending on how you feel.


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  3. That is a WONDERFULLY expressive picture! Very powerful. Try intuitively answering these questions – don’t take them literally but metaphorically or symbolically. And don’t answer based on art, just on CREATIVE EXPRESSION:

    1. 5 orange hair — what might each represent that is “at the top of your mind” or coming from your mind?
    2. What might the larger right hand signify – it has more fingers and more developed than the left?
    3. Left ear is like a finger, pointing down — what/how might you hear differently from one ear?
    4. There is an “X” on your chest – what might you cross out/keep out?

    Example: IF this were me – the orange color represents the sunny nature I try to show to the outside world. THe blue is sadness and covers my lower body and legs because I have to cover up that I’m not able to stand on my own feet (feet missing). One hand is bigger because I am continually off balance and the 6 fingers represent . . . .


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