If I Could Take Any Class for Free

Not Even A Circle

Self sketch

Drawing For REAL Dummies

I have also wanted to try an art class for drawing and sketching. Most of the time the introduction courses have advanced students in them and that is truly frustrating. I want a no-nonsense, can’t draw a stick figure for the non-gifted class. I want a class with people like ME, not those who sit in the class and deftly sketch a rendition of Monet. I have always admired artists that have had no formal training but I am not one of them. To sketch, therefore, to live.

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I Wish I Knew More About…


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I wish I knew how to play the piano and strum on my guitar, I wish my vocal chords would be finely tuned so I could sing in a loud voice and people would nod their heads and smile. I wish I knew more about art and had the skills to sit down in a cafĂ© and sketch the nuances of a person’s face, its shadows and form and unique characteristics. I wish I knew how to tell my children things that I have learned but they won’t listen to. I want to know more about the world and different, beautiful countries. I want to wear pretty, embroidered scarves whose colors match my mood. I wish I knew what made other people act the way they do and understand why. Not only that, I wish to be blessed with more patience and understanding and an open, always inquiring mind.

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