Help Needed: For Fibro And Chronic Pain Sufferers 2012

icy storm

icy storm (Photo credit: Vilseskogen)

I’ve often thought about placing a classified ad to get responses from people about what are the best climates for someone who has Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain. I live in the Northeast so I know that the freezing cold weather just knocks me out, like a painful gust of wind on a fragile old lady. I feel like that old lady at times, more often than not, I need to hold on to something or someone because when the weather is terribly cold, I am in pain. I will not live in this cold country for the rest of my life, I don’t want to do that but I have said that for years.

It started to snow in October which seems crazy and the winters are longer. We need to stay here until my little one (18 years old) finishes college. Where would we go after that? I have no idea; suggestions are welcome, the only requirement is WARMTH. Moving is a daunting task, especially with an elderly mother, my sister and her family near-by and two children here. Moving FOR people is NOT a good idea, but it is a consideration. The only compromise I can think of is to be “snow birds” but you must need a lot of money for that.

WANTED: 2 BR APT. in Warm climate

Needed: Warmth (Desparately)

Needed: Near Sand and Water

Highly Preferred: Low Humidity

Close to teaching Hospital

Close to Public Transportation/Airport

Do you think that’s asking too much? That’s what I am going for, in my fantasy. My bones ache in the cold weather, I shudder with pain like an injured yellow bird flapping her broken wing. I want to be close to nature, to take walks all year round and to give myself a break. Just need money, my husband to agree, and the courage to move away from family. That’s the toughest one of all.

5 thoughts on “Help Needed: For Fibro And Chronic Pain Sufferers 2012

  1. I have read that San Diego is lovely. Funny thing……..I want the exact opposite….I hate the heat. In 2000 the whole family went to New Mexico for a Scouting event. I thought I was in heaven. I didn’t get overheated if I stayed out of the sun, wonderful breeze most of the day, cool nights for sleeping. I ended up in their little hospital, they said it was heat exhaustion. I wasn’t hot or exhausted, it was then and there I understood what people mean when they say “it’s a dry heat”.


  2. Kaua‘i, Hawaii, comes to mind. Went there on a family reunion cruise. All the Hawaiian isles seemed to have great temps, not too hot (I overheat easily, especially in humidity), very low humidity (especially compared to the Carribean), and a pretty constant light breeze. Many places didn’t even have – or need – air conditioning. I was ready to move then & there, and promised myself i’d do it before I was 50. With 6 months to go, that seems very unlikely… but a girl can dream. Kaua‘i was my favorite of the islands as it was much less touristy than others. Dr Jamie Deckoff-Jones has a place there & she’s top of the line for ME/CFS…
    A girl can dream…


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