My Boredom Cures

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Books, Movies, TV, Blogging, Music, Writing, Computer, Books…..Still bored after all those options? Get a grip! I’m generally not bored, and I’m generally not fussy. I’ve always been able to occupy my “alone” time. In childhood, our mom said I was happy to play in my room all by myself but that my older sister needed to be entertained all the time. I see that with my own children now: my oldest child needs to be entertained and my second born is more content and doesn’t mind alone time (though she probably wouldn’t admit to it). Maybe it has to do with birth order.  The first-born child does get undivided attention, where us second born (or babies) have never known anything else except sharing. We’ve never had undivided attention. Maybe it’s a coping mechanism or just maybe we are more content. Or it’s simply a personality issue. Alone time, to me, doesn’t mean I’m bored, it means I’m comfortable with myself.

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3 thoughts on “My Boredom Cures

  1. As an only, you learn to entertain yourself. I do get bored during the day when I’m too tired or sore to entertain myself, go for a walk or shopiing, I haven’t been to the library for books or DVDs. I can only sit at the computer so long before my neck starts to hurt. And, those days, I never seem able to find mindless tv shows! I don’t need other folks to be entertained, it’s when I can’t entertain myself that boredom creeps in.
    It’s admirable that you don’t get bored!


  2. I’d have to disagree with your birth order theory. Though, I’m in a weird position in my family… my brother is actually my step-brother and is 6-1/2 years older than me, and my sister is 2 years younger than me… so, I’m kinda the middle and kinda the oldest… In any case, my sister and brother both need things to entertain them, while I have always been more content with alone time.

    In any case, being ill (thus being limited in what I am able to do in my alone time) can make “alone” time take a different color sometimes. I’m glad that we’re both able to handle it better, naturally. Blessings.


    • the theory was just a thought, just speculation. like I said after it could be just “personality” and probably is. being sick is a whole different blog; I have tons of those! feel good.

      Love, Laurie


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