Plinky: Could You Pull Off A New Hair Color?

  • Changing My Hair Color
  • Red-Auburn
    Michelle : shy sexy girl with auburn hair I could pull off being a red head…..I’m not looking for Lucille Ball, glowing in the dark, bright red but a softer, red-auburn look. I have some natural red highlights in my hair (at least in the summer) but I would have to have the mind set first. I would need to be completely prepared: the last ten to fifteen pounds would need to be lost, I would have to buy new clothes (and bring my 17 year old daughter along to approve) would have to stash the sneakers, and wear fit-flops (so summer is my only option) and I’d have feel brave, confident and fabulous about myself…..on the other hand, it might take a while…..I’ll keep you posted!

10 thoughts on “Plinky: Could You Pull Off A New Hair Color?

  1. Oh girls, join the crowd! I’ve gone gray a long time ago! I cover it once, and missed it! Yes missed it! So did Stuart.

    But it’s hard when you’ve been coloring. … To get over the roots.

    I’m lucky, I went gray at the temples first, so I have cool streaks, I’m getting stray gray here and there, but who cars.
    I’ll soon me 49, and I’ve had a rough life….I deserve them all, plus, it’s hot!!

    Embrace the gray!

    Besides, all those chemicals are bad for us!

    love ya


  2. oh, i could pull off a different hair color. Heck I have. I have red undertones so I used to really play them up, then I had a pink streak for a while, and a white streak…now it’s gray.

    Yes, I could pull it off, but I won’t. I love my hair. even the gray…sometimes not so much of it, but not enough to do anything to it again (remember in July when I put in Henna? I can stll see it, that stuff is supposed to wash out!)

    If I found an all natural hair dye…maybe. Manic Panic is all Natural….my streak could turn Purple! Ha…Purple on a 48 1/2 year old fat woman! nah…I like my hair. One thing I really do think is beautiful about me.


      • thank you my dear, I was talking outside appearance….and yes, my hubby and others would argue about that, but my looks have changed so much over the last couple of years…heck the last year….I look in the mirror and say…”You have beautiful hair!” and just don’t look at the rest.
        I found this crazy way to curl my hair, I have to post it one day. when it’s damp, not completely wet, you put it in a loose pony tail on top of your head, then you put a rolled up sock at the tip and keep rolling it around it and stuffing it up in it…like a water fall. looks like a fat bun when done…then sleep. When I wake up…OMGoodness, you should see the most beautiful waves and curls. Stuart loves it! And so do I. I feel so glamorous.

        Maybe deep purple?? oh a fat person could not pull that off….but when I lose…who knows! BwhaHAhahaha (yes, that’s an evil laugh) and now…the giggle….hehehe.
        I am so darn silly.


  3. You can do it! When I turned forty (a very long time ago) I realized I would never be tall…or I cut my hair short and went red! I am constantly changing it up, I go auburn than strawberry blonde and occasionly will go blond like in my profile pic. (that pic is from about four years ago) Right now I am a light auburn with blonde highlights. Next time mabye I’ll go pink!


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